Upcoming Special Events

  •   Magic the Gathering Store Championship April 8th $25 Sealed format begins at noon
  •   Pokemon League Cup April 15th noon $15 standard format, everyone gets a collection or tin
  •   Magic Dominaria Pre-Release Weekend April 21st and 22nd April 21st we have a midnight              event, noon, and 6pm 2-headed giant. April 22nd we have a noon event. Cost $25
  •   Pokemon Forbidden Light Pre-Release April 22nd noon Cost $30
  •   Warhammer 40k Casual League April 23rd $10
  •   April 28th Miniature Learn to Paint Day 2 to 5 pm. Free
  •   Magic Commander League May 10th 6pm Cost $20

‚ÄčInfinite Heroes Games

Weekly Events

Mondays-       Star Wars Destiny 7pm

Tuesdays-      Yu-Gi-Oh 6pm

Wednesdays- Final Fantasy TCG 6pm

                       Dragon Ball Super 7pm

Thursdays-     Magic Commander 6pm

Fridays-          Friday Night Magic 7 pm

Saturdays-     Cardfight Vanguard 2 pm

                      Yu-Gi-Oh 6 pm                      

Sundays-       Pokemon League noon

                      Miniature Game Day