Upcoming Special Events

  • July 28th-             Dungeons and Dragons Meet and Greet 6pm
  • July 30th-             Yu-Gi-Oh Sneek Peak
  • August 5th -         Hour of Devastation Game Day Noon
  • Sept 23rd-24th-   Magic Ixalan Pre-Release various times
  • October 14th-      Magic Ixalan Gameday noon
  • October 21st-      Pokemon Crimson Invasion Pre-Release noon

Weekly Events

Mondays-       Warhammer League 6pm

Tuesdays-      Yu-gi-oh 6pm

Wednesdays- Living Card Game Night 6pm                 

Thursdays-     Magic Commander 7pm

Fridays-          Friday Night Magic 7 pm

Saturdays-     Pokemon League 12 pm 

                      Cardfight Vanguard 2 pm

                      Yu-Gi-Oh 6 pm

                      Dragonball Z 6 pm

Sundays-       Pokemon League noon

                      Miniature Game Day

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